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Common Truck Repair Needs To Watch Out For

Whether you own a big rig that you want to keep well-maintained or you have just purchased a new truck for hauling, the best way to protect your investment is to keep up on truck repair needs. Since your truck likely gets more heavy-duty use than a traditional car does, there are certain mechanical needs that can occur more commonly in this type of vehicle.

Here are some common truck repair needs to watch out for. You can catch many of these repair needs for your truck when you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance. To best catch truck repair concerns, have your truck inspected yearly, which is required if you drive a commercial truck or may be recommended if your truck is for more casual use.

U-joint issues

The U-joint is responsible for allowing the transmission to work with the differential, and when it starts to fail, you'll notice your truck is unable to maintain regular power or the vehicle is vibrating at various speeds more than usual. You may notice this most when you are hauling things or when you have a trailer on the back of your truck since the heavier loads require more power.

Have a U-joint replaced by a truck repair specialist as soon as you can. This way, your truck won't suddenly fail on you as it might without repairs.

Leaking fluids

Any leaking fluids out of your truck are cause for concern. In order for the engine and transmission to operate well, the fluids in your truck have to be full and properly lubricating various parts of your truck.

Identify leaking fluids by checking underneath the truck or by identifying fluids via color. Purple or red fluids are likely transmission fluid, while brown or light yellow fluids can be oil. Brake fluids can be their own particular color. Leaking fluids require immediate truck inspection and repair since an engine or transmission running dry can lead to vehicle failure. When having your truck inspected and serviced, have all fluids changed and check them on your own regularly between truck repair appointments.

Wheel bearing issues

When wheel bearings go out on your truck, the noise your tires will make when in motion will be noticeable. Long hours on the road can cause wheel bearings on your truck to go out sooner than they might with a regular automobile. To preserve tire tread and keep road travel going smoothly, have wheel bearings inspected at each oil change and replace wheel bearings and other related parts as needed.

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