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Is That Auto Fluid Leak A Reason To Be Concerned?

There may come a time when you discover a puddle underneath your vehicle, which may leave you wondering if you should be concerned about it. Here are a few common fluid problems, and if they're worth taking your vehicle to a mechanic over. 

When To Not Be Concerned

The most common liquid that is going to drip out of your car is water, and this will typically happen when you've been running your air conditioner a lot in the summer. This is condensation that is released from the system and drips out underneath your vehicle. Your exhaust system can also leave similar puddles underneath the tailpipe. If you notice a clear liquid on the ground, it is not usually a concern.

Blue liquid is likely your windshield wiper fluid. While it's not great that the fluid reservoir has a leak, it is not a big deal. All it means is that you may run out of windshield wiper fluid sooner rather than later. You can have the reservoir repaired, or just keep refilling it with more fluid if the leak is very small. The fix may be as simple as replacing a tube that is cracked.

When To Be Concerned

Oil leaks should be a big concern. You can identify oil likes by dark brown or black liquid underneath your vehicle's engine. Leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check your oil levels to make sure they are within safe range for driving. If it's low, refill the oil and monitor the levels to get an idea of how much it is leaking. If it is dropping fast, you should have the leak fixed ASAP.

Your power steering system also has fluid that can leak. This fluid is a bit different, since it looks red, which makes it very distinct from other fluids in your vehicle. This system is completely closed off when it is working properly, so it is a reason to be concerned if you see it under your vehicle. A lack of power steering fluid is a reason that your vehicle could malfunction and be very difficult to control on the road. 

Confused about another liquid that is under your vehicle? It is always best to take it to an auto shop and have them investigate the problem. It's always a good idea to be safe when it comes to driving your vehicle. For more information on liquids and other auto repair issues, contact a local mechanic.