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4 Things You May Not Know About Your Tires

Tires are an essential component of your vehicle that you need to swap out on your vehicle frequently over the life of your vehicle.

Thing #1: Low Profile Tires Improve Handling

Low-profile tires have become trendier lately. If you decide to put low-profile tires on your vehicle, it is important to understand the way that low-profile tiles will impact your driving. Low-profile tires can improve the overall handling of your vehicle. They generally respond quickly to your steering input. Low-profile tires usually offer a better driving experience when you are cornering.

The tradeoff, though, is you are going to feel your ride more. You will feel the bumps and dips as you drive more than you would with a larger tire. Your tires will respond better, but your driving experience will be rougher.

Thing #2: Grand Touring Tires Offer a Quiet Ride

Grand touring tires may sound like they are made for race car drivers, but they are a type of tire that anyone can put on their vehicle. Grand touring tires are also often just referred to as touring tires.

Touring tires are designed to provide you with a more comfortable ride while giving you handling that is responsive as well. You don't have to trade off better handling for a bumpier ride like you do with low-profile tires.

Touring tires are made for faster speeds than all-season tires due to their asymmetrical tread pattern, which provides a little more support for the tire.

Thing #3: Changing Tire Size Impacts the Performance of Your Vehicle

It is also important to understand that although you can change the size of your tire, it is going to have an impact on your vehicle. The overall performance and handling of your vehicle are designed for specific tire size or tire range.

Putting on a tire that is smaller than recommended or larger than recommended can change the performance of your vehicle and even strain certain vehicle components if you don't adjust them as well.

If you want to use tires outside of the recommended size for your vehicle, be sure to carefully talk to the mechanic about any other adjustments you may need to make to your vehicle to ensure the best performance.

Thing #4: Tires Impact Your Fuel Economy

Finally, it is important to realize that your tires play a role in the overall fuel economy of your vehicle. Having the right type of tires that are properly inflated can help improve your overall fuel economy.

When it comes to your tires, there is probably a lot you don't know, which is why it is important to let the technician know what you are looking for when you need new tires. Your tire shop will be able to help you find the best tires for your vehicle and driving needs.

To learn more, contact a tire service shop in your area.