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Top Reasons Why Your Car Isn't Blowing Hot Air

When it's freezing outside, the last thing you want is to turn on your heater for it to only blow cold air. But if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are several steps you should consider taking to get your car heater functioning properly again.

Heater Core Issues

Your engine heating system relies on the heat that is generated by your engine. Your car can become so hot that it needs coolant to reduce the temperature so that your car doesn't overheat. Some of the excess heat can be used to heat the interior of your car. However, some issues with your car might disrupt the process. The air from the blower motor might be the reason for the heat not escaping from the heater core. Another problem is that there might be a clog in the tubing for the heater core. 

The heater core acts as a radiator that carries hot coolant in and out. It consists of tubing that carries the hot coolant into and out of the engine. The heat absorbed into the coolant is dispersed by fans in the heater core. The heater core is responsible for heating your vehicle and also allows the defroster to do its job.

In addition to not being able to heat the interior of your car, a heater core issue may lead to fog forming inside. Your engine might be overheating, which is an emergency. You may smell a sweet odor as well. In addition to not being able to heat the interior of your car, you may cause permanent damage to your engine under these circumstances. 

Lack of Coolant

Check the coolant level of your heater to make sure that it hasn't run low. Otherwise, you might need to top off the coolant. If the coolant level is frequently low, you might have a leak that will need to be repaired by a vehicle heating repair technician

Debris in the Heater Box

Make sure that there is no debris in the heater box. For example, you might have pine cone needles that have fallen into the heater box and will interfere with its operation. Clean up the heater box as best you can. Otherwise, hot antifreeze might flow out of your heater core. 

Broken Heater Controls

Your heater may simply not work because of the heater controls. They might be broken and aren't sending a signal to your car to release hot air. Fortunately, a car heating service can correct this.