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3 Signs You Need To Call A Mechanic NOW!

Sometimes, it can be hard to know when you need to see a mechanic or when you may just need to wait out the problem. For example, some cars have a rough time starting in cold weather. Is that just a side effect of winter, or is something wrong? There are a few signs your car may give you that should indicate an immediate need to see a mechanic. It might be nothing, but it is likely something. These signs are as follows. 


Smoke being emitted from a car is never a good thing. Smoke is usually the result of an overheating engine that has run out of coolant, which, if left ignored, could lead to a total engine failure. If your car even breathes out a puff of smoke, you should have a mechanic check it out immediately. 

Check Engine Light

Even if you feel that the check engine light on your car is a bit finicky, you should still get It checked out periodically. There are many reasons why a check engine light could illuminate, though you will really not know until you see a mechanic. This little light could mean the engine has had a misfire, needs replacement valves, or maybe your catalytic converter is giving out. It could even mean that a cap has become loosened. Whatever it is, it is much safer for you and anyone riding in your car that you just get it looked at. 

Decrease in Efficiency

If you begin to notice that your car is just not working as well as it once did, you should get to a mechanic. Many a gas leak has been found because the owner noticed a decrease in gas mileage. Cars begin to lose their efficiency when they are not functioning properly. For example, an oil leak could make it harder for the engine to run smoothly. This can be easily fixed, or it can be ignored until it becomes a big problem. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. 

In conclusion, getting these symptoms checked early could save you a lot of time, money, and heartache in the long run. While there are a lot of stigmas around taking your car into the mechanic, mechanics are actually there to help you be safe and get to where you need to go. Talk to a local auto service, such as Professional Marine, if your car has any of these problems. It could save your life.