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3 Pre-Trip Repair Tasks To Help You Avoid Auto Towing

If you are setting out on a long road trip, the last thing you want is for your trip to be derailed by a broken vehicle.

Tow truck drivers can come to your aid when your vehicle breaks down on the road, but you will still experience delays if your car needs to be towed.

Fortunately, there are some preventative repairs and maintenance tasks that you can have your mechanic complete before you embark on your road trip. These tasks will help reduce the likelihood of a vehicle breakdown as you travel to your desired destination.

1. Check Fluid Levels

Many of the systems in your vehicle rely on fluids to help dispel heat and lubricate moving parts. When these fluids become contaminated or evaporate over time, the mechanical soundness of your car could be compromised.

Take the time to have your mechanic check all fluid levels before setting out on a long road trip. A fresh supply of transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid could help you avoid having to call a tow truck because your vehicle has broken down on the side of the road.

2. Get an Oil Change

If your road trip will require you to log thousands of miles on your vehicle, you should consider investing in an oil change before you depart. Many of the automotive engine oils available on the market today are designed to offer protection for a certain number of miles. Once this mileage limit is reached, the oil begins to deteriorate.

You will need ample protection against overheating in your engine as you spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel. Old or contaminated oil could cause engine temperature to rise, leaving you stranded and in need of towing services.

Schedule an oil change before your trip to reduce the potential for engine troubles while you travel.

3. Inspect Your Tires

Damaged or deteriorating tires can be dangerous when traveling at freeway speeds. High speeds can cause the rubber of a damaged tire to flex more than it should, increasing the likelihood of a blown tire.

It's important that you have your tires inspected to determine if there are any slow leaks or improper tread wear before you leave on a major road trip. Replace damaged or worn tires before your trip to avoid being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. For more information, look into mechanics that provide auto repairs in your area.