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The Auto Repair Guide Troubles With Rubber And Belts That Get A Lot Of Wear In Hot Weather

The hot summer weather can be hard on a lot of the parts of your car. Sometimes, the hot weather causes excessive wear and damage to the plastic and rubber auto parts. Therefore, you want to know what problems to look for to have repairs done before these parts fail. The following car repair guide will help you identify problems with rubber and plastic parts so you can have repairs done before parts fail in hot weather.

Rubber Hoses That Can Cause Cooling And Fuel Injection Systems To Fail In Hot Weather

There are a lot of rubber hoses on your car that can fail under the stress of summer heat. These hoses are most often the cooling system hoses that are under more pressure in hot weather and can burst, which can lead to overheating and serious damage. In addition, fuel systems and other systems like brakes may also use rubber hoses that can fail during hot weather if they are already worn and need to be replaced.

Problems With The Belts That Operate Pumps, The AC, And Other Components That Can Fail

The belts of your car are another problem that you may have to deal with during the summer months. Some cars have one main belt, which is called a serpentine belt and can cause serious damage if it breaks. Other cars have a series of belts and a timing chain or belt. You want to make sure to replace the belts that are worn to prevent problems with them breaking during summer weather.

Suspension Parts And Tires That Need To Have Maintenance Done Before They Fail In Hot Summer Weather

There are also a lot of suspension parts that may be made of a rubber material. These parts are designed to last and be durable, but they do wear out. When the rubber parts of your suspension are worn, the summer heat can cause failures and damage to your car. Therefore, you will want to have a car repair service replace any of the worn rubber suspension parts before the hot weather arrives.

Plastic Parts And Wiring Insulators That Can Be Damaged In Hot Weather And May Need Repairs

There are also a lot of plastic parts that need to be replaced. These parts include things like insulators for wires or conjunction boxes. Usually, the plastic used in cars is heat resistant, but the engine heat and addition of hot summer weather can cause damage and some of these parts may need to be replaced before the summer heat is here.

These are some of the problems that you will want to look for with the plastic and rubber parts that can fail in hot weather. If you have noticed parts that are worn or damaged, contact a car repair service.