Finding A New Car

Keys To Buying New Vehicle Tires

There are more expensive and complicated parts of a vehicle, but you aren't getting far at all without the tires. It's a field that is worth nearly $250 billion, and you can find any number of repair shops that can sell you what you need. Below you can explore some of the main points involved when it comes time to purchase a new set of tires

Gauge the condition of the tires you currently have on your vehicle

In most states, your tires have to have a tread depth of 2/32 of an inch or greater. You can be cited for a ticket for improper equipment if you don't change your tires before allowing them to wear down to this point. Purchase a tire gauge of your own so that you can inspect your tires and measure their current tread levels. If you want a more seasoned professional's opinion, bring your vehicle to your local tire shop and let them assess the condition of your tires. 

Assess what kind of new tires you want to buy

There are several different options for tires that you can purchase as well. When you look at your tire options, think in terms of size and function. Some examples of different kinds of tires that you might purchase for your vehicle include mud tires, all-terrain tires, winter tires, and all-season tires. Look into your vehicle manual to make sure you're purchasing a tire at the correct size for your car. 

Figure out the price that will be ideal for your car

It's important that you also have a budget for any kind of tire purchase you're making. Think about whether you want to buy one or multiple tires. You might pay between about $50 to $200 on a single all-season tire. 

If certain tires on your vehicle are more worn than others, it gives you a chance to prioritize your needs and keep more money in your pocket. Speak to mechanics at a few different shops so that you get as many estimates as you need to know you're getting a great price. Be sure that you include a warranty on any single tire that you buy for your vehicle and take advantage of it if you get a flat. 

These tips will help you buy whatever tires you need for your vehicle. Contact a local tire shop for more information and advice on purchasing tires.