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How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaners for Your Car

If you are interested in cleaning your car's carpet, then you will need to know what carpet cleaner will work best. There are a number of ways to find the best carpet cleaner for automobiles, and you should consider them carefully before trying to clean your car. Three things you should consider are professional services, the chemical ingredients, and whether the cleaner stains.

Consider an Automobile Service

Before you attempt to clean your car yourself, consider going to a local car dealership or service center to acquire their services. This will be more expensive, but you will have much less risk of choosing the wrong carpet cleaning chemicals and possibly damaging your car. Additionally, if your carpet is moldy or torn, it may be difficult to find and install a replacement that fits the irregular bumps and bends present on a car floor. Regardless, there are other things to consider when cleaning a car's carpet

What You Want to Be Near

An important consideration to make when choosing a carpet cleaner is to understand what you are willing to be near. For example, diluted bleach can be useful on carpets (so long as it is white or near-white) but you may not want to be near it if the smell is particularly strong. You may want to look at the ingredients of commercial carpet cleaners and check to see if they are something you want to be around. This is especially true if the carpet cleaner requires hand, eye, and throat protection. One all-natural option is a homemade carpet cleaner that uses diluted castile soap.

Test Any Cleaner

Finally, the number one most important part of any carpet cleaning is to test a small corner for staining with the carpet cleaning chemicals before you decide to use them on the entire car. If your cleaner of choice stains and you do not test it first, most of your carpet will stain. Additionally, it will not stain evenly, even if you reapply the cleaner to other parts of the carpet. Plus, you risk staining other parts of the car as well. Once you have found a carpet cleaner that does not stain, you can effectively clean your carpet.

When choosing a carpet cleaner it is important to take the proper care needed to keep your car secure and clean. You may want to hire someone to clean your carpet for you, especially if it is damaged beyond DIY repair. You should check the ingredients of whatever carpet cleaner you choose for toxicity, and always test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot before using it on the entire carpet. 

Contact a supplier to learn more about carpet cleaning chemicals.