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The Classic German Auto Guide To Fuel Systems And Tuning Your Old Diesel Engine

If you have a classic German car, it may be a high-performance diesel engine that needs a little tuning. The turbo, computer control module, and intake are some of the areas that often need repairs and upgrades to get the performance you want from your engine. The following German auto repair and restoration guide will help you upgrade the performance of your old diesel engine:

Fuel injection problems with your diesel engine

The fuel injection system of a diesel engine is often the cause of performance issues that require repairs. This is often due to the refined diesel fuel that you use, which can have more particles in it that damages fuel injection systems. It is good to use premium diesel fuels that are more refined and cause fewer diesel engine problems. When you are repairing the fuel injection system, there are upgrades that can be done. The fuel injection system upgrades to consider for your car include:

These fuel injection system upgrades will help improve your car's performance and reduce problems with the fuel system.

Air intakes and issues with bad sensors

The diesel engine of your classic BMW uses air intake with sensors. With older diesel engines, these sensors can fail due to particles in cheap fuels and old air intake designs. Therefore, replacing the old sensors may be a common repair that you need to have done. When you are replacing the old sensors and doing repairs to the intake, it is a good time to consider upgrades that will help improve your car's performance and help the engine produce more horsepower.

Electrical problems and computer control modules

The next phase of repairs and performance improvements is the electrical systems. These repairs should start with replacing damaged wiring or the entire wiring harness of your car. You may also want to upgrade the old computer control module with modern high-performance control modules that allow you to tune your car.

Exhaust repairs and upgrading your diesel emissions systems

The improvements to your fuel system and air intake will have little effect on your car's performance if you have the same stock exhaust system. When you need exhaust repairs, it is a good time to update the system with high-performance parts to improve the flow of exhaust gases. This will also help give you more power from the other improvements you have made to fuel and air intake systems.

These improvements and upgrades will help improve the performance of your car when you have repairs done. Call a BMW auto repair service for help with the repairs and upgrade the performance of your car.