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Auto Repairs to Get Your Engine Swap Project Running Like New

If you are a car enthusiast, custom projects with modern engines and features give you the best of both worlds. You want to start by understanding engine swaps. There is a lot of work involved in installing modern engines in a classic car. When you are working on an engine swap project, you will want showroom-like performance. Here are some steps you need to take to succeed.

Installing the new engine and wiring

The engine swap project starts with choosing the engine for your project. There are a few options for engine swap projects that include:

With the right engine, your restoration project will have the performance of the latest model cars. If you want to have the benefit of good fuel mileage and performance, smaller engines are ideal. Fewer cylinders and turbos will give you what you are looking for from an engine swap.

Improvements to get more performance

Other things can be done to get more performance out of your engine swap. These can be aftermarket upgrades and tuning the new engine. Options for these engine swap performance improvements include:

With better intakes, injection systems, and tuning, your engine will give you the performance you need. If you need help with the installation of any of these parts, call a repair shop to install them for you.

Testing the engine swap after it is complete

After you have completed the engine swap and other upgrades, you will be ready for a test drive. Inspect everything before you go out for a test drive is important. Make sure to go through the following checklist before going for a drive:

Check these things before you take your new engine for a test drive. If there are any problems, visit a car repair shop to help solve the issues causing problems.

Getting help with fine-tuning and minor engine swap repairs

After the test drive, expect to have minor issues with performance. It can be difficult to fine-tune your car to get the factory performance you expect after installing modern equipment. You can visit a repair shop to finish up the project and get help fine-tuning the new engine.

An engine swap can be a rewarding customization project, but you are going to run into issues that need to be addressed. Call a car repair service for help with tuning new control modules and other components after an engine swap.