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The Disk Brake Upgrades And Upkeep For Classic Restorations With Modern Automotive Equipment

If you are restoring a classic car, there are a lot of options to consider when updating it with modern equipment. Disk brakes in your car's front and back are some of the improvements you may want for your projects. These brake systems are also going to need to have maintenance done to them once they are installed. The following information will help you with updating your brakes with disks:

Replacing the master cylinder and brake lines

To start converting all the brakes to disks is by installing a new master cylinder. This is because an upgraded master cylinder will be designed to provide your car with the braking power you need for all four wheels. Some tips for installing disks all around include:

This is the work that will need to be done to replace the master cylinder and lines when installing all-wheel disk brakes.

Modern high-performance disks for restorations

Today, there are also options for high-performance disks that can help improve your braking. These are usually disks that are perforated to provide cooling and prevent overheating that may cause performance problems or damage the brakes when they get hot. If you plan on installing larger rims, you may also want to use a brake kit with larger disks to accommodate these changes.

Installing upgraded calipers and pads for disks

The calipers are also going to need to be changed when you are installing new disk brakes. When you are installing the disks all-around, you can get complete kits. These brake kits have the parts like calipers and pads designed for your car's specific needs. It is a good idea to get a kit that has been designed specifically to replace the brakes on the car you are restoring.

The upkeep new disk brakes are going to need

Once you have upgraded all the disks in your car, you are going to need to do the same maintenance as usual. In addition, you may also need to inspect the changes that were done to the system. Once you are sure there are no problems with your new brakes, you will want to continue with the routine maintenance. The regular maintenance that needs to be done includes changing the pads and bleeding air out of the lines.

This disk brake information will help you with updating your car with modern equipment. Call a disk brake service for more information.