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Car Parts For Restorations With Modern Upgrades And Improvements

If you are restoring a classic car, it may need some improvements. Some of the things that you may want to do include modern upgrades. Some of the improvements can be upgrades for safety, and others may be for performance. You are going to need the right car parts to do these upgrades for your restoration project. The following car parts information will help you get what you need for modern upgrades:

Brake System Improvements

The brakes of your car are one of the first areas to consider modern performance upgrades. Better brake performance will also improve the safety of your car. Therefore, you want to consider options like antilock brakes, all-wheel disks, and other brake system improvements. Talk to an auto parts service about getting the brake parts you need to complete these improvements for your car.

Fuel Injection Upgrades

The fuel system is another area where you may want to consider upgrades for your car. There are several options to add or update fuel injection systems. If you have a carburetor, it can be replaced with aftermarket car parts that allow an injection system with a tuning chip to be added. If your car has an existing fuel injection system, consider upgrades to the fuel pump, filter, and injectors. Both of these options can be combined with a tuning chip to fine-tune your car's engine performance.

Modern Automatic Controls

There are also areas of your car where you may want to add automatic controls. These upgrades can include things like automatic door locks and window controls. You may even want to add a remote start system or push-button ignition system. These improvements give your car practical features for your comfort. There are also options to add controls for things like rear-view mirrors and automatic seat controls.

AC and Climate Control Upgrades

The AC is another area where you may want to consider adding climate controls. The AC can be updated with replacement parts and the controls in the cabin improved for climate control solutions. You can even add a cabin air filter to the AC to ensure the air you breathe while driving is clean. In addition to the air conditioning, you may also want to add fans to the engine cooling system and improve the air intake for better performance.

The modern upgrades you do for your restoration project will give you a safer and more reliable car. Contact an auto parts service to get what you need for your project.