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Should You Get Your Wheel Alignment Checked?

Many auto service centers offer to check your wheel alignment at no charge in order to determine whether or not your vehicle needs to be serviced. While these services may be available for free, they can still take a decent amount of time out of your day. Consequently, it is quite understandable that many people put off taking their vehicle in to have their wheel alignment checked despite the availability of these free services. Thankfully, you can better determine whether or not you are truly in need of these services by taking the time to answer the following four questions.

Is your vehicle pulling or drifting to one side or the other?

One of the classic signs that your vehicle's alignment is incorrect is if your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side or the other. If your alignment is severely off, you may actually be able to see evidence of this in the position of your steering wheel while you are driving in order to accommodate for the pull in one direction or the other. However, this problem will typically start off far more subtle. To determine if your vehicle is pulling, simply remove your hands from the wheel briefly while driving straight ahead on flat ground. If the vehicle begins to drift to one side rather than going straight, it is time to have your alignment checked.

Have you recently hit a large pothole or other obstacles in the road?

Poor road conditions can often be to blame for throwing off your wheel alignment. If you have recently hit a large pothole or other obstacles in the road, it is a good idea to have your wheel alignment checked. This will allow you to have any issues corrected before they begin to have a major impact on your ability to safely drive your vehicle.

Did you recently put new tires on your vehicle?

A brand new set of tires can improve your gas mileage, increase handling and performance, and provide you with an overall smoother ride. Unfortunately, a brand new set of tires can also throw your wheel alignment off. This is especially true if you choose a brand or style of tire that offers far more or far less tread than the tires you had before. To avoid any potential issues and to ensure you are able to enjoy all of the benefits your new tires offer, have your wheel alignment checked after putting new tires on your vehicle.

Is the tread on your tires wearing unevenly?

Another sign that your wheel alignment is off can be found in the tread of your tires. If this tread is wearing unevenly, there is a good chance that your alignment is to blame for the uneven wear pattern. Having your wheel alignment checked and corrected can help to prevent further damage and will ultimately help to prolong the life of your tires. To learn more about wheel alignment, contact an auto service.