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How Bad Is A Brake Repair Issue Likely To Be?

If you need to have a professional fix your car's brakes, you might wonder how bad the situation may be. Fortunately, a licensed brake repair technician can usually tell based on the following factors.


Noisier is almost always worse when it comes to brakes. A slightly annoying noise is probably a sign the pads have worn down to the chirpers, which are little bits of metal that are supposed to warn you when your pads need to be replaced. Conversely, a loud and crunchy sound could be a sign the rotors are worn down to the fins and require a full replacement. Most technicians can get a good idea of what's happening pretty quickly after listening to the vehicle move or driving it a small distance.

Loss of Pressure

Of the potential scenarios where the range of outcomes goes from simple to complex, this one is up there. A brake system can lose pressure at many different points. If you're very lucky, it might be a single line failing inside the accessible part of the wheel area. Conversely, the master cylinder may have failed or multiple lines might be decayed. In those scenarios, the job is likely to be involved. Typically, a licensed car brake repair professional can tell by looking at how many pools of fluid they find on the ground after testing the system.

Seized Brakes

Seized brakes can often have surprisingly simple fixes. A seized brake system may need a little bit of fluid to release everything. Likewise, a technician often has to replace the pads and rotors after the brakes seize. In some cases, however, you might get into a more involved job involving the master cylinder. On the other hand, the problem could be a hanging parking brake, and the solution may be as simple as lubricating or replacing the brake cable and releasing the system.

Generally, everything gets worse with seized brakes the longer you run the car in that condition. A licensed brake repair shop will strongly encourage you to stop a car in the condition as soon as possible. Pay to have a towing company take the car to the shop of your choice rather than risk further damage to the car.


Presuming the brakes are the source of the trouble, vibrations tend to be relatively easy to address. Vibrations coming from the brakes usually arise because the rotors have warped. Replacement is the solution, and a licensed car brake repair team will likely replace the pads at this time, too.

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