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Maintenance Checklist Of Your Car During Winter Season

Snow, slush, and a chilly environment are what you get during the cold season. Therefore, you need to prepare well to counter these conditions. You should know that part of this preparation is maintaining your vehicle in the best shape possible during the entire season. This is because failure to do so could leave you freezing in the middle of the road. More importantly, you must ensure that the vehicle is perfect enough to run until the period is complete. Below is a quick checklist to help you manage the season regardless of how slight the impact may be on your vehicle. 

Check Oil Levels

Winter is extremely tough on the engine of your vehicle. For this reason, you may want to pay extra attention to the engine oil and ensure it is at the required level. Essentially, this is one of the simplest things to help the engine run and survive the entire season without experiencing systematic breakdowns. Also, remember that some specific vehicles may need special engine oil requirements during the cold months. So, check with your manufacturer or an auto service near you to ensure you are using the right engine oil for your car. 

Inspect Tires 

Wear and tear of your tires can make life difficult when moving on slippery icy roads. Besides, slippery roads need the best grip to avoid skidding or sliding. Moreover, your safety is one of the key priorities when driving. Therefore, ensure that as you go into the cold season, all four tires are in the best condition possible. Also, upon installing the new tires, ensure you keep a close eye on them during the entire cold season. For instance, it is necessary to ensure they have the recommended inflation capacity to move well on icy roads. This is because air density tends to reduce the air pressure and can easily compromise the inflation state of your tires. 

Check AC 

The last thing you want is to freeze whenever you go out for a ride. Hence, check to confirm that your vehicle's air conditioning and heating system function properly at the start and end of every season. More so, a lot of fog on the windshield makes driving difficult during the cold season. Therefore, your AC system must function optimally to support navigation through the roads without any difficulties.

Additional things to check as you enter the cold season include the battery condition, steering wheel, and suspension of the tires, radiator, and other relevant systems. So, visit an auto service shop near you — such as a BMW service — to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition to handle the cold season.