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Why Slow Acceleration Is Not Good For Cars And Drivers

Routine service helps keep a car in decent condition. Parts require service, repair, or replacement at some point, and specific issues might be immediately noticeable. For example, if a car takes too long to come to a complete stop when hitting the brakes, the brake system might have a serious problem. Other issues might not seem severe, but that doesn't mean there's no problem. When a driver puts a foot on the gas pedal and the car does not start quickly, there could be any number of issues. Not fixing the problem could lead to safety risks on the road.

Some Slow Acceleration Causes

Not all problems that cause slow acceleration require complex fixes. If the fuel injectors are dirty, cleaning them could boost acceleration. However, the cleaning won't work when the fuel injectors suffer from damage. Replacing such fuel injectors would be the necessary fix, but the job isn't too complicated. Dirty motor oil may hamper acceleration and contribute to sludge buildups. Changing the oil and filter and then cleaning the dirty engine may eliminate acceleration woes.

Issues with the Fuel Pump

Troubles with the fuel pump might cause a car's weak acceleration. A bad fuel pump may be why a driver finds it difficult to go up hills or the engine stalls for seemingly no reason. Installing a new fuel pump could be a more complex repair job, but owners may appreciate the vehicle's improved performance once a technician completes the task. Driving around with a troubled fuel pump could make a routine commute hazardous.

Acceleration When Needed

Slow acceleration may seem minor, but the problems it causes could be more dangerous than some drivers realize. Case in point, when a red light turns green, the vehicle behind the troubled vehicle may not realize the car suffers from slow acceleration. A rear-end collision might result, giving the lead driver whiplash. While the driver who hit the sluggish car may be more responsible for the crash, the injured driver must now deal with the results and the pain and discomfort that go with them.

Stalling Out is Dangerous

An inoperable vehicle could put drivers and passengers at risk of becoming involved in an accident, among other dangers. Some may ignore the occasional stalls because the vehicle "gets going" after a short delay, but such a negligent attitude comes with risks. If a car fails to work as it should, having a mechanic find and repair the problem seems wise.

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