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Four Common Engine Problems That You Can Troubleshoot

Your vehicle's fuel system plays a key role in delivering the fuel to the engine. Unfortunately, the fuel system may develop a problem that affects fuel efficiency and engine performance. Here are a few tips that can help identify and troubleshoot common problems with the fuel system. 

Clogged Fuel Injector

A clogged fuel injector is going to have an odd spray pattern, which will cause problems with how fuel is used for the combustion process and lead to poor performance. You may notice that the vehicle starts having a rough idle when parked or at a stop light, or you have issues with engine hesitation. There can also be engine misfiring while you are driving.

While many of these problems are easy to diagnose, it can be tough to know if the fuel efficiency is being affected. Try tracking your fuel efficiency to see if you are getting fewer miles per gallon as an additional indicator. When you take your vehicle into an auto shop to be repaired, a mechanic can use a fuel system cleaner to remove the clog. 

Failing Fuel Pump

A fuel pump helps bring the gasoline from your gas tank to the engine. If it is failing, there can be inadequate fuel pressure in the system that leads to the vehicle stalling or difficulty starting. In some cases, you can even lose power while driving. 

This problem can be diagnosed by a buzzing sound that comes from the fuel tank when turning the vehicle on. A mechanic can also measure the fuel pressure using a pressure gauge and replace the part if it is found to be faulty.

Dirty Fuel Filter

The fuel filter can potentially restrict the flow of fuel and cause issues with decreased acceleration or stalling. It can be diagnosed by simply inspecting the filter for dirt and debris. Assumptions can also be made on if it is time to replace the fuel filter based on how long it has been since it was last replaced. Either way, it's a simple and easy repair to do that can help get the fuel flowing again.

Vapor Lock

Vapor jock is a problem where the fuel vaporizes from excessive heat, which prevents the engine from getting fuel. You may notice the engine sputtering while driving. You'll need to have the fuel lines insulated with a heat wrap to prevent the lines from getting too hot.

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