Finding A New Car

Finding A New Car

Summer Overheating Problems That Could Be Causing Your Car Trouble

Driving in the summer heat can cause a lot of stress on your engine and other components of your car. When there are minor problems, this extra stress can cause overheating. Before the overheating causes serious damage to your car, you want to have the issue fixed. The overheating problem could be something small that is simple to repair, or it could be a more serious

Dealing With Excessive Brake Dust

If your wheels consistently look black and dirty, then it's likely that you are suffering from a problem of excessive brake dust. Regular usage of your brakes wears the pad friction material down, which creates small particles of dust that stick to nearby surfaces. Excessive brake dust looks ugly and can potentially lead to paint damage when allowed to build up for to

Helpful Auto Services RV Owners Should Take Advantage Of

Having an RV is great in terms of the comfort and amenities it provides, but it does require servicing on a regular basis. These auto services in particular are important to take advantage of to keep this vehicle working great and remaining structurally sound. Tire Pressure Checks The tires are some of the most important components of your RV and it's important that t

The Auto Repair Guide Troubles With Rubber And Belts That Get A Lot Of Wear In Hot Weather

The hot summer weather can be hard on a lot of the parts of your car. Sometimes, the hot weather causes excessive wear and damage to the plastic and rubber auto parts. Therefore, you want to know what problems to look for to have repairs done before these parts fail. The following car repair guide will help you identify problems with rubber and plastic parts so you ca

How To Tell Your Transmission Needs Work (Or Replacement)

When you are going about your daily life and you are driving around town, you are not likely thinking about the possibility of something being wrong with your car. However, it is always important to keep track of your car's "health" at all times. One of the most important aspects of your car's well-being is the transmission. Your transmission ensures that the right am