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Everything You Need To Know Before Replacing Glass In Your Classic Car

If you are restoring the glass on a classic car, you don't want to overlook the glass. Today, there are many options for improvements to the windshields and windows. Modern safety glass can be a great improvement to classic cars. The following information will help you with replacing the glass in your car:

Evaluating the Current Glass in Your Car

The current glass in your car will need to be inspected before doing any upgrades. Some things to look at when evaluating the glass that is already installed in your car include the following:

After you have evaluated the existing glass in your car, you will be ready to start with the improvements. You can also update some of the existing safety glass with modern films that reinforce it.

Replacement Glass for Standard Windows

The replacement glass can be used for much of the standard windows. These are often windows that are standard shapes and sizes. The standard windows that can be replaced with auto safety glass include:

You also want to make sure to repair controls when replacing this glass in your car.

Replacing Windshields With Safety Glass

The windshields in your car are the most important improvements. This is because they are what will protect you in an accident. You want to make sure the windshields are replaced with the right auto safety glass. Safety improvements to consider when replacing windshields include:

These windshield improvements will help make your car safer for everyday driving. You may also want to consider installing glass films to make the windshields safer.

Custom Safety Glass for Classic Cars

There is also custom safety glass in many classic cars. This is an expensive improvement, but it is worth the investment. Call in advance to order the custom glass that needs to be installed. This glass is often for areas with odd-shaped windshields and windows that have to be custom made to fit your car.

The right auto safety glass will help make your car safer. Call an auto safety glass replacement service to have these replacements installed in your classic car.