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You Should Have a Windshield Chip or Crack Repaired Promptly Even in the Winter

A chipped windshield is always a cause for concern until you get it repaired. Winter brings special considerations for windshield repair, especially if the outdoor temperature is bitterly cold. However, you don't want to put off repairs. Here's why you still need to get prompt windshield repairs in the winter and a look at how the job might be done.

A Crack Can Spread Easily During Winter

A problem with chips and cracks is that they can suddenly get worse. This can happen any time, but the risk is more concerning in the winter when your windshield is covered in snow or coated in ice. Extreme temperatures and quick temperature changes can cause a crack to spread. Plus, melting snow or rain could get in the crack, freeze, and then expand and make the crack worse. Driving conditions are often hazardous in the winter, and you don't want a sudden crack to partially block your view while you're driving or distract you. It's best to have your windshield repaired promptly any time, but especially in the winter.

Mobile Windshield Repairs Might Be Possible

Even though it's cold outside, a windshield repair person might still be able to repair the glass without you having to take your car to the shop. They'll need to use products intended for use in cold weather so the resin cures properly and is unaffected by the outdoor temperature. The repair person also has to make certain the windshield is completely dry, so mobile repairs might not be possible if it's snowing. The glass also has to be free of snow and ice. Plus, the glass needs to be warm. which might be a challenge in the winter.

The repair person will probably turn on your car and run the defroster taking care not to warm up the glass too fast and make the crack worse. Once the glass is completely dry and heated, repairs can be completed as usual. However, the work may take longer since it takes longer for the UV light to cure the resin when it's cold.

You May Need to Take Your Car to the Shop

If the chip is small, you might be able to drive your car to the shop. You could also consider having your car towed depending on the type of damage and if it affects your driving safety. An advantage of having the work done in a shop is that the shop is heated, so your car will warm up, stay at a warm temperature, and stay dry until the resin has cured.