Finding A New Car

Finding A Repair Shop That Can Fix Your Import Car

If you drive an imported car like an Audi, and you need service or repairs, it is essential to find an Audi service shop that can do the work for you. Sometimes this means going to the dealership, but many independent shops can handle the repairs your need as well. 

Finding a Service Center

Most auto repair shops or service centers can help you deal with the repairs you need on your car. If the vehicle requires some unique parts or something hard to find, you may need to find a shop that works on cars like yours regularly. 

Often import auto repair shops can be a good option because they specialize in these cars, which can be different for domestic vehicles. If the shop is a certified Audi repair shop, they will have the resources needed to make the repairs on your car and get it back on the road quickly. 

Diagnostics and Testing

No matter where you take your car for repair, it is critical that the shop you are working with has the right diagnostic equipment to test your car's systems properly.  Many new cars have computers that require a diagnostic computer to read codes, check systems, and even make adjustments to the engine or transmission.

An authorized Audi repair shop will have the right system to ready the computer in your Audi and make the adjustments for you. The tech can use the system to pinpoint problems in the system so that you are not wasting a lot of time and money on tests that may or may not determine the problem.

Warranty Work

When you need warranty work done on your Audi, the repair shop you take your car to needs to have a factory authorization to do warranty work. If they are not approved to do the job, the manufacturer can choose not to cover the work under warranty, so be sure to ask before the work starts.   Taking your car to an Audi repair shop that has authorization for warranty work also means that the shop will complete the work to the factory standards and use OE (original equipment) parts for the repairs. The repair shop will often file the warranty claim for you to ensure that the paperwork is correct and you are not going to have to pay for the work out of your pocket.

In some situations, you may not be able to find a local shop to work on your car, but if you check with the manufacturer, they can often get you the location of the nearest Audi repair shop or other service centers that is authorized to do warranty work on your car. For more details, speak with someone like Hillside Imports.