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Reasons To Switch To Winter Tires When The Weather Turns Cold

The winter months can be among the more hazardous times of the year for individuals to operate cars. Switching to winter tires can help to make it easier and safer for individuals to drive during this time of the year. Yet, drivers will often fail to appreciate all of the benefits that winter tires are able to offer them.

Better Handling On Slick Roads

Ice and snow on the roads are a common occurrence during the winter months. Winter tires are specifically designed to be able to grip the roads better in these conditions. This is accomplished by creating these tires to be more narrow as this can increase the pressure the tires are putting on the ground, which can help them to grip the road better in slick conditions. Additionally, the treading on winter tires is designed to be better able to maintain traction on ice and snow. While drivers will still need to use caution when the roads are slick, these tires will make it easier to maintain control of the vehicle.

Less Likely To Suffer Damage Due To Extreme Cold

The extreme cold during the winter months can actually be degrading to standard or summer tires. The extreme cold may make these tires more brittle, which can likely lead to cracks and ruptures in the tires. Winter tires are capable of remaining flexible during extreme cold, which can reduce the risk of this damage occurring to the tires. As an added benefit, this flexibility can also improve the handling of the vehicle as it will make it easier for the tire to remain in full contact with the road despite the unevenness that can be present on the surface of roads.

Designed For Use With Snow Chains

During periods when it has snowed recently or the ground is otherwise covered with ice, the use of snow chains can help the vehicle to maintain traction with the ground. While these chains can dramatically improve the vehicle's traction, they can be very rough on tires that are not designed to be used with them. Not surprisingly, using these chains on summer tires can drastically shorten their lifespan.

Switching to winter tires when the weather turns cold offers drivers some advantages that make the hassle of swapping tires worth enduring. Whether you are a new driver or someone that has been driving for years, you may not realize the full range of benefits that winter car tires are able to offer you. Contact a local tire shop to learn more about winter car tires.