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Dealing With Service And Repair For Your RV

Owning an RV means maintaining it to ensure it is in good condition and ready when you want to use it. Finding a shop that offers RV service can be challenging in some areas, but there are some places to consider that can help ensure your RV is ready to hit the road when you are.

RV Dealers

Many dealerships offer RV service and repair for different makes and models of RVs on the road. Because these shops work on larger vehicles, they have the tools and equipment necessary to make repairs from small RVs and campers to large class A motorhomes. 

The dealership will often handle warranty work, RV repairs, and general service if that is what you need. If you are on the road and have a breakdown or need service, you can visit a dealership in the area, and in most cases, they can help. The RV brand and type are typically not a problem for a dealer-based repair shop, but if they can't get the parts you need or are not an authorized shop for the brand, you may have to find an alternative location.

In most cases, any RV repair shop can work on your vehicle, but if you are in need of warranty work, the manufacturer may require you to take the RV someplace specific. However, if the repair is causing the RV to be undrivable, you may be able to get the manufacturer to allow the repair where you are at.

Truck Repair Shops

If you can't locate an RV repair shop in the area, you may want to check with the local truck repair center and ask if they do RV repairs. Because these shops cater to semi-trucks and commercial vehicles, they typically have the tools and equipment required to make repairs on even the largest RVs on the road. 

While the truck repair shop can often handle all your RV service needs, they may be limited when it comes to electrical, plumbing, or body repair for your RV. These repairs are typically specific to the RV. However, if the truck repair shop does a lot of RV work, they may have a tech that can work on all of the specialized systems in your vehicle.

Often the service you need is similar to trucks and may include tire repair, oil changes, brake service, and lubrication. In addition to the basics, most shops can handle cooling system work, suspension and running gear repairs, and some light bodywork, depending on the severity of damage to the RV. The truck shop can tell you right away if they can manage your RV repair, and if they can't, they may know a shop in the area that can. 

Contact an auto shop that provides RV services to learn more.